John DorseyJohn Dorsey, MD
Dr. Dorsey is the senior doctor in the practice. His interests include behavioral pediatrics and caring for children of incarcerated parents.
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David ObudzinskiDavid Obudzinski, MD
Dr. Obudzinski is a member of WBH Pediatric Quality Assurance Committee. His interests include behavioral pediatrics and children with special needs.
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Anna Maria Oniciu, MD
Dr. Oniciu fluently speaks Romanian and Hungarian. Her interests include dermatology, infectious disease, adoptions and travel medicine.
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Rebecca Wasvary, MD
Rebecca WasvaryDr. Wasvary had training in pediatric emergency medicine before joining the practice. She is very passionate about patient interaction and the rewards of taking care of children.
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Julie Behnke, C.P.N.P
Julie BehnkeJulie currently practices as a nurse practitioner and also supervises our medical assistants. She has training and experience in caring for premature infants.
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Dr. Eastman
Dr. Eastman is a board certified physician we are proud to have at our practice.


Hanit Kalo, M.D.
Dr. Hanit Kalo is our newest board certified physician.