Amazing Doctor!
Dr. Oniciu has been my son’s pediatrician for almost three years and she was also my pediatrician before that when I was younger. I think she’s absolutely amazing and is right on when it comes to diagnosing an illness. I wouldn’t go to anyone else. 🙂

This is the place you’ve been looking for!!!
The BEST thing about this office is the Doctors all have their own specialty and are fantastic! If my child has a rash, I see Dr. Oniciu, or Dr. Dorsey..If my teenager needs a GYN exam, and needs someone to talk to about development (aka: my teen daughter) Dr. Bryzik is fabulous!, Dr. Obudzinski is great with behavior as well as Dr. Dorsey..I’ve experienced FANTASTIC advise from both!, Dr. Wasvary is SO popular with check up’s I have a hard time getting in with her. This is a compliment. She does a great job with checkups. I find the previous “negative” reviews interesting as I have been going to BHP for over 16 years now! The reason I find the negative reviews interesting is because if these people were SO unsatisfied with this practice, why did they stay SO many years with the practice? Come on! If they can last so many years with a practice they are so disappointed with, then there has GOT to be a good experience in there!?? I have tried SO many offices to get to this point where I felt welcomed. This IS the place!! The very first impression is the front desk. I have to say, I wish MY Family Doc’s practice had BHP’s staff! The front desk is welcoming, The Nursing staff (from what I’ve experienced) has been BETTER than average! They are WONDERFUL! Then the Doc’s…LOVE them!

Dr. Wasvary ROCKS!
Dr. Rebeca Wasvary is so kind. She knows how to talk to my kids and make them feel important. I really appreciate having a wonderful doctor like Dr. Wasvery right in my neighborhood. I would drive for miles if I had to just so I could have my children be her patient. She diagnosed my son’s disease when others (who I will not mention…not part of her practice…) couldn’t figure it out! She is really first rate!

Doctors and Staff are the Best!
The staff and doctor care is the best I have ever received. They are like family to us. We appreciate the kindness, patience, and knowledge they willingly share. I have too many stories to share unfortunately. I have never heard an unkind word spoken of any doctor or staff member. They relate to the children as well as the parents. Sometimes it really is the little things that count.

Dr. J. Dorsey is the BEST thing in the world for special needs kids!
Dr. Dorsey understands special needs kids and their parents 100%. He knows how to talk to both. He makes it so you feel informed, motivated and not alone when you leave the office. Having to have a child with an illness is bad enough for reg. parents, I know I had 4 before my autistic son, but taking care of with special problems with illness takes the best of doctors. Just getting out of them where it hurts to diagnose the problem is hard. Dr. Dorsey has never not figured out a problem and is always up on the latest techniques and procedures for all types of special needs issues. If I hadn’t moved to the west side of the state I’d still be in his office. I’ve searched for 3 years and not yet found a Dr. half as good and knowledgeable as this office.

The best pediatricians in the area!
Dr. Dave and BHP have been my daughter’s pediatricians for 12 years; since she was four months old. She loves her doctors. They are thorough, compassionate and very welcoming. I have never left a review before but felt compelled to do so today. The staff is very helpful and has always been eager to help when I needed answers and believe me; there have been many over the years. Although they have moved further away, I wouldn’t think of taking my daughter anywhere else. If you are looking for a good pediatrician, do yourself a favor and look no further.

Dr. Wasvary is the GREATEST!
Dr. Wasvary is the most wonderful pediatrician! She is so compassionate and really has an incredible way of making my kids feel like she really likes them and wants to help them. She always has a great big happy smile when she walks in the room and she really listens when we talk to her. She has helped us through many colds, earaches and even one hospitalization where she spent so much time helping our son. I cannot imagine a better peds doctor than Dr. Wasvary. I very much recommend her and am grateful to have her “on our side”!

We love Dr. Oniciu!
Dr. Oniciu has been our pediatrician for 8 years now and we couldn’t be happier with the excellent care she has provided our two children. We love the way she takes her time during the children’s physicals – asking questions and taking such genuine interest in their physical, social, and emotional development. The children just love her! She also manages to squeeze us in anytime the kids get sick and need to be seen last minute. We cannot say enough about how wonderful Dr. Oniciu is and her excellent care for her patients. The entire staff at Beverly Hills Pediatrics is wonderful.

Focused on children and their health!
This practice is fabulous!! In fact they have been a part of our family since my husband was a small child. I trust them with the well being of both my children (ages 10 and 2 1/2). They have always taken exceptional care of all of us (including calming me down when necessary!) They have successfully treated my son (ADHD) and my daughter (absent seizures) and I would recommend Dr. John Dorsey and his fellow doctors at BHP to everyone! (and in fact I do!!)